Alex Wong  -  Saskatchewan HIV PLT, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, U of SK
Anne Huang  -  FNIHB - SK Region
Aslam Anis  -  Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences
Brett Dow  -  Regional HIV/STI/BBP Coordinator, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Carla Pindera  -  Clinical Program Manager, Nine Circles
Carrie Bourrassa  -  First Nations University
Chasity Vermette   -  HIV Strategy Coordinator
Danielle Genest  -  Executive Director, AIDS Saskatoon
Fay Schuster  -  SK Population Health Branch, Disease Prevention
Greg Reihl  -  Aboriginal Nursing Student Advisor
Ibrahim Khan  -  FNIHB - SK Region
Irene Day  -  BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Ken Kasper   -  Internal Medicine/Medical Microbiology, U of MB
Jennifer Cushon  -  Executive Director, Positive Living Program
Johnmark Opondo  -  Saskatchewan HIV PLT, SHR Med Hlth Officer
Julio Montaner  -  BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Kathy Lyod    Manager – Communicable Disease and Sexual Health Programs
Kumudinhi Karunakaran  -  Regina Quepelle Health Regioin ID Specialist
Kurt Williams  -  Division of Infectious Diseases, U of SK
Larissa Pawluck  -  Westside Community Clinic, Infectious Disease Specialist
Leo Lanoie  -  Prince Albert Co-operative Health Centre
Margaret Poitrais  -  All Nations Hope Network
Marissa Becker  -  Medical Microbiology and Community Health Sciences, U of MB
Michael Bayda  -  LaRonge Clinician
Michael Payne   -  Executive Director, Nine Circles
Mike Stuber  -  HIV Strategy Coordinator - Clinical Pharmacist
Mona Loutfy  -  Women’s College Research Institute, University of Toronto, First Nations University
Morris Markentin  -  Saskatchewan HIV PLT, Infectious Disease Specialist
Patti Tait  -  Saskatoon Indian Metis Friendship Centre - SHARE CAB Member
Satchan Takaya  -  Saskatoon Infectious Disease Specialist
Sean Rourke  -  REACH, University of Toronto
Stephen Helliar   -  Westside Community Clinic, Infectious Disease Specialist
Stephen Shahran  -  Director and Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, U of AB
Stuart Skinner  -  Saskatchewan HIV PLT, Infectious Disease Specialist, U of SK
Susanne Nasewech  -  HIV Strategy Coordinator
Thanh Luu  -  Regina Academic Family Medicine Unit


Advancing Treatment, Care, and Prevention Through Research

SHARE: ​Saskatchewan HIV/AIDS Research Endeavour


Organization Collaborators with share

SHARE is excited to announce a formal relationship with All Nations Hope (ANH) as part of our mutual commitment toward building a made-in-Saskatchewan response to HIV. SHARE will work with ANH to address shared research objectives focused on Indigenous communities and HIV, including supporting ANH's Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy on HIV/AIDS (SISHA). 

Toward a Made-in-Saskatchewan Response: Partners in HIV Research