SHARE is a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan. Applications for research funding and other support will be sought from various bodies including government, foundations and corporate funders. Funds obtained will be held in the following ways:

  • Funds directly associated with university research projects will be held by the University of Saskatchewan Financial Services.
  • Funds not directly associated with university grants will be held in the account of the SHARE non-profit corporation. 

** Any potential conflicts of interest between the research and the funder will be disclosed and addressed appropriately.


SHARE was established in 2011 as a result of several partnerships aimed at supporting people affected by HIV/AIDS. Our foundation and long history as a collaborative organization has built and supported a number of strong relationships with clinical, academic, healthcare, government, and community groups and individuals. We recognize that our success is attributable to our research relationships and we established the following terms of reference as a guide for maintaining this collaborative and respectful approach to research that will improve the treatment, care, and prevention of HIV in Saskatchewan. 


Advancing Treatment, Care, and Prevention Through Research

SHARE: ​Saskatchewan HIV/AIDS Research Endeavour



Research excellence delivered through community partnership and clinical and academic expertise that improves the quality of care and life for those living with HIV/AIDS in Saskatchewan.

All research will be conducted according to the ethical guidelines outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2.0. Research in or with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities will follow Chapter 9 in the Tri-Council Policy Statement, the CIHR Guidelines for Research Involving First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people, and the OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access and Possession) principles. SHARE will abide by these codes of conduct and seek ethical review and approval from the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board. Each member of SHARE collectively shares the responsibility for raising and resolving ethical concerns.



SHARE supports and creates research under four arms: community based research, clinical research, basic science research, and population health/epidemiology research. Bringing expertise in each arm, SHARE provides guidance and support to other researchers pursuing projects in HIV/AIDS along with creating novel projects executed by the core SHARE team. This maximizes SHARE’s research activities and community presence.


SHARE consists of a steering committee comprised of clinical, academic, and community co-leads, CBR board members, and research staff. Members work to steer research activities and facilitate partnerships, collaborations, and networks with local and national HIV stakeholders, including representatives from government groups, academia, clinics, health services, and community organizations. The key factors for participation are interest/expertise in the subject matter and commitment to contributing to the research process.

 The Community Based Research Board decisions are made through board consensus. Decisions that involve the larger SHARE research community are made in various ways and guided by what is appropriate for each individual project.

These terms of reference will be reviewed and modified regularly by the SHARE co-leads and CBR Board.

The main objective of SHARE is to build on existing partnerships and form new partnerships by developing new research, and supporting existing research that examines and evaluates the complex dynamics between the social, economic, physical, health care, and support environments of those in Saskatchewan (in particular those living in vulnerable communities; e.g., core neighbourhood of Saskatoon) and their health and experience as it pertains to the current HIV/AIDS epidemic. The goal of the research we engage in is to create new knowledge that will ultimately have a positive impact on the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Authorship of papers associated with SHARE will seek to recognize both those with direct involvement in specific projects, as well as the role of the SHARE research community in facilitating HIV research.