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The ANNUAL Prairie HIV / HCV Benchmark Meeting

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BE A LEADER in Getting to 90-90-90: Planning for HIV / HCV in Saskatchewan, the Prairies, and beyond

We all recognize the need to mobilize and develop consensus about how best to manage the challenges associated with the treatment, care, and prevention of HIV and HCV. Working with experts and key stakeholders in the HIV/HCV fields from across Saskatchewan, the prairies, and Canada, the Prairies HIV/HCV Benchmarking Meetings are considered a significant opportunity for experts to come together in a focused effort to address the crises of these epidemics in Saskatchewan and across the prairies. The 2015 meeting culminated in a report describing issues in treating, caring, and preventing HIV in different regions of Western Canada and endorsement for a Saskatchewan 90-90-90 plan to address the HIV epidemic. The 2016 meeting will take the next steps to discuss and develop strategies to overcome critical factors that challenge successful treatment, care, and prevention, YOU ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE.

SHARE is a research initiative organized by clinicians and researchers who are invested in building a better response to the HIV epidemic in Saskatchewan.



SHARE's mission is to explore and examine ways to improve treatment and care for people living with HIV and to work with provincial stakeholders to enhance prevention strategies aimed on stopping the spread of HIV in Saskatchewan.

Our Mission

SHARE has a successful history of working with local and national researchers and organizations to examine issues that impact people infected or affected by HIV in Saskatchewan. 

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SHARE: ‚ÄčSaskatchewan HIV/AIDS Research Endeavour

SHARE is a collaborator with a number of local and national HIV stakeholders who often provided guidance and support to our research activities. 


Making a difference for people affected by HIV in Saskatchewan

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